How to get More Referrals?

Referrals are a two way street. Real estate agents benefit from both inbound and outbound referrals.  With inbound referrals, agents get to help a client buy or sell a house and usually shares some of that commission with the referral agent.  The outbound referring agent usually gets a 25% referral fee as a reward for […]

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Referral Companies for Real Estate Agents

What is a Referral Agent? One of the great things about being a real estate agent is the ability to have a flexible schedule and even do real estate as a second job.  While most of the real estate agents that the public comes in contact with on a daily basis are full time agents, […]

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Managing Referrals with ReferralCloud

Get more inbound referrals

Accepting a new inbound referral Accepting a new inbound referral within the ReferralCloud backend is very easy. If you’ve forgotten your password there is a forgot password link. First you’ll have to login to your agent portal like below: Once you have logged in you will be in your user dashboard. The user dashboard is […]

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