We Want to Pay you $100 for each Agent Referral

We are excited to announce a program where you will earn $100 for each agent referral you give to ReferralCloud!

This is how the agent referral program works:

referralcloud agent referrals
ReferralCloud Agent Referral Program

When you log into your ReferralCloud dashboard, you will see a screen that says “earn $100 for each agent that you refer to ReferralCloud”. You can click on the “Send Invites” button and it takes you into your agent referral dashboard.

Earn $100 for each agent referral

From this screen there are two ways to invite agents.

The first is just entering their email into the box labeled “Enter email address” and then Send. Please make sure that you actually know the agent. You will only be able to send 5 emails per day. this is to avoid spamming. If you know more than 5 agents that you would like to invite, please log back in the next day and you can enter more.

The other way is just by sharing your referral link. You can just copy and paste this into an email or you can also post this link on social media as well. You can also text it directly to agents that you know.

How to track Agent Referrals

In the dashboard you will see the agents you have invited, and if they have joined the ReferralCloud network. Their status is automatically changed to “joined” when they create an account.

Agent Referral Status

Once an agent either has a closed referral or is the agent assigned to a referral that closes, we will change their status automatically in the portal to “Earned” and we will send you $100 directly. Since this isn’t an actual referral fee or a proceed from a closing, it can just be paid to you directly. We can mail you a check, or pay you via Zelle!

Paying agent referrals

Each time you log into ReferralCloud you can just select “Your invites” under your profile and it will take you to the page that

ReferralCloud invites

Keep in mind that this $100 is only paid where allowed by law and only when the agent you have invited has been involved through a closing through the ReferralCloud platform. It does not include referrals from direct agent-to-agent referrals, as we have no way of tracking those.

How many times can I earn the $100?

You can earn the $100 for each agent you refer. We only pay for each agent’s first closing. So if you refer an agent who had 5 closings in the portal, you only get the $100 for the first one. if you refer 20 agents that all have at least one closing, then we will pay you $2,000, or $100 20 times!

Do I get anything else for referring agents?

Yes! We will use agent referrals as a tiebreak system for assigning referrals. This is how this would work.

If we have a market where we have a referral to assign and we have 5 agents and none have placed any outbound referrals in the platform, we will assign the referral to the agent who has had the most agents join the platform that they have referred.

Also if we have 2 agents who have both placed outbound referrals, we will assign it to the agent that placed the referral in the system first, unless the other agent has also referred more agents into the system. At some point we will develop a scoring system that agents will be able to see where they rank in their area.

What is the point of an agent referral system?

Our network grows stronger as more agents join. The key to having a strong referral network is having more agents in the platform. Since agents are the best resource for referring other agents to services like ReferralCloud, we want to incentivize agents to refer those they know in other markets as well as their own market, and also give them a little cash for helping grow the network!

We look forward to paying the $100 referral bonus as many times as possible and having a robust marketplace for real estate agents to both place and track their real estate referrals to each other. ReferralCloud is happy to help agents grow their business and maintain the agent-to-agent model as a source of business for agents to keep customers using Realtors for years to come.

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